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Electric power control system

Electricity for TV or lights is delivered from an electric power company to each house through electric cables.We are working for electricity, which everybody needs for their life. In particular, we design, produce and test systems to change electric cables and remind operators by message to recover electricity in case of power outage due to natural disasters (thunderstorms, typhoons) or an accident.

Electric generation plan system

River conditions and the amount of rainfall affect hydraulic power generation. To improve generating efficiency, We design and produce systems to plan electric generation automatically based on various information.

Electricity distribution lines automation system

We monitor and control section switches (machines which stop electricity) and others on top of power poles and monitor and operate facilities in distributing substations.

Infrastructure for handling clients information

To establish client's credibility, a high service level on handling clients information such as 24 hours contact service, protection of personal data and blocking unauthorizedaccess is required.We support introduction, operation and maintenance of infrastructure systems to achieve high service level.

Maintenance of Windows server

We introduce and maintain the following. [Domain management] which manages our system's (windows) user and PC security measures with [security platform (SeP)], backups of system data in case of failure.

Creation of application

On packaged software, we customize and maintain applications for clients who can't find software to suit their particular needs.

Creation of web application

We customize and maintain web applications for clients who need applications using intranet or internet.

Establishment of database

Various information is one of the essential things for modern companies. The more information you keep on paper, the more difficult and less efficient it will be to keep that information. Also, recently, going paperless is claimed as a part of ecology. Synergy holds promise by means of combination with [Web application] and so on.

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Business Information

Leave any job to us about electric power control systems, electricity distribution lines automation systems,network support systems, establishment of databases, creation of applications.

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