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Building checkup software [CHECKING]

  1. You can check up and control any building in companies, factories and fields using layouts and drawings.
  2. Itís possible to record the results of the checkup in the field and write reports or work instructions through the use of tablet PC.
  3. You can check up and control not only buildings but also computer hardware by loading various images.
Function overview
Function Overview
Creation of reports and instructions by combination use of layout and drawing You can scan layouts and drawings (JPEG format) and use for checkups.
Scanning photos taken by digital camea You can scan photos you took by digital camera into reports or work instructions.
Using tablet PC You can use tablet PC in the field, check failure, input the results and take back to your office.
Utilizing drawing retrieval code When you input the results of the checkup such as a failure, you can make retrieval more efficient by utilizing the drawing retrieval code.
Examples of checkup items
Quality checkup
in the field
Safety control checkup
The final finishing checkup
?Reinforcing steel arrangement checkup
?Formwork checkup
?Iron frame checkup
Inspection by overall safety sanitary supervisor
Field Inspection by foreman
Field inspection by conference for prevention of accidents
Midterm and final completion checkup Self-imposed checkup/design checkup/authority's checkup/client's checkup
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